Hi! I’m Missy, creator of Fit Mama Bear. I’m so glad that you’re here! If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed and confused by this new daily life and the world, I get it. In a maze of healthy diets, resets, cleanses and detoxes, homeschooling-remote learning, it can all be too much. Fit Mama Bear is here to simplify everything! Whether you’re looking to get healthy, get fit, or get organized, we are all in this community together! I hope that you’ll come in, hang out, and stick around for a little while. Try out a new workout at home, healthy recipe, learn how to organize any space in your home, or find out how to balance time with family and friends! Ultimately, we’re all here for each other as we journey through this world and learn how to truly simplify everything! Here’s to a happy, healthy, and fun life!