Hospital Bag Checklist

Ahh! Okay! If you are searching for a hospital bag checklist, that means time is almost here!!! How exciting!

What do you actually need to take with you when its time to have your baby? I have included a useful printable of your hospital bag checklist that’s easy to follow of what I consider to be the essentials you’ll need during your hospital stay.

When is the best time to pack a hospital bag?

The best time to pack a hospital bag is between 33-38 weeks in pregnancy. But I basically packed mine after we had the baby shower.


What to pack in the hospital bag for Mama

Comfortable lounging clothes – I cannot stress how important this is! No matter how you are going to or have given birth, you do not want tight clothes pressing on your stomach/pelvic area. Especially if you have torn during birth and needed stitches, anything tight is really uncomfortable.

Nursing bras – Only if you plan on breastfeeding, nursing bras will be essential from the moment your baby arrives. I loved using these comfy nursing bras during my hospital stay and up until I stopped breastfeeding.

Nursing tank – Ok I’m going to be honest, for my first pregnancy I simply didn’t want to wear real clothes during my hospital stay. For the 2 night stay I only wore a nursing tank and robe! But my second pregnancy was so easy, I was wearing my clothes the following morning. 

Baby bottles – This is very optional but some mamas are a little cautious about what bottle nipples the baby gets attached to. I personally didn’t take any with me because I was so set on my birthing plan that I was going to breastfeed. I didn’t need to bring my breast pump because the hospital I delivered at had the exact same Medela pump I had. 

Robe – OMG! If you forget anything else don’t let it be a robe! A great robe is essential for your hospital stay! I basically wore mine for the first few months.

Breastfeeding pads / Nipple cream – Once again this is only optional if you plan on breastfeeding. Once your baby starts taking in that colostrum aka first milk. You will literally be oozing milk out if you are not pumping often enough. Those special pads help keep your tops dry, hahaha. Ok now this is serious! Nipple cream is another one of those essential items to your hospital stay. Nothing is worse than nipple chafing.

Phone Chargers – You will be taking TONS of photos or sharing on social media of your little one and your time in the hospital. You’ll also be texting and calling back family members and friends when they find out that you had your baby. The last thing anyone needs is a dead phone, so be sure to bring your charger with you. And if you have a 6ft-10ft charger cable, even better! 

Makeup bag – Ok, I am totally ok going naked faced! But for mamas that need to wear daily makeup bring a small bag with just a few makeup items in it for photos to take during your hospital stay. This is totally optional, though, and definitely not an essential!

Towel – My hospital did provide towels, but just in case you are not sure, pack one. And be sure to pack an extra towel for dad, too!

Socks & Underwear – The hospital will provide mesh, disposable underwear along with necessary pads, however, many mamas still insist on bringing their own! I was one of those mamas! Haha. The hospital provides socks, anti-slip socks actually. 

Coming home outfit – You’ll want to be ultra comfy when you leave the hospital, so be sure to pack something that’s weather appropriate and is comfortable and loose.

Shoes – You won’t be needing to wear shoes a whole lot during your stay. However, a comfy pair of slippers or flip flops are great for walking around the room and walks down the hallways! You’ll also need a pair of shoes to go home in. Something with extra spacious, like sandals, is perfect (especially if you have a c-section and have major swelling like I did)!

Snacks – Although once you show up at the hospital you cannot eat until you give birth to your baby. You might want to still bring some snacks for after birth when you are relaxing in your family room.

Book/Magazine – I like to always pack a book if I am staying overnight somewhere, and this is complete

Insurance Card & Identification – Don’t forget to bring your wallet with your insurance card and ID in your hospital bag. If it normally stays in your purse, be sure to transfer it over! Regardless if your hospital offers an early admission you will still need it when you show up to have your baby.


What to pack in hospital bag for baby

Going home outfit – Plan an outfit that will be perfect for taking the baby home in! If it’s cold out, be sure that the outfit is plenty warm. If it’s hot, a comfy onesie with socks and a hat are perfect!

Outfits – Simple onesies to keep your little one warm are perfect for the hospital stay. You may also want to bring a couple of “nicer” outfits if you plan on taking photos!

Swaddles / Muslins – The hospital will provide swaddles for your little one. However, if you have certain ones that you want to use or have in photos, be sure to pack those as well! I got ours from BuyBuyBaby, here’s the link to all of their cute muslins, click here!

Hats – These are also provided for your little one by the hospital during your stay. But once again, if you plan to have a hospital photo shoot, then bring one you have in mind.

Mittens/Socks – You’ll need plenty of mittens to keep those little hands from scratching their face! You’ll also need plenty of socks or booties to keep your baby warm.

Car seat – Ok so this doesn’t go in your bag obviously! But you will need to have your car seat ready to go in your car and will need to have it checked by the hospital before they release you and your baby. It will be essential for taking your baby home!


What to pack in hospital bag for dad

Electronics + Camera – If you plan on taking your own photos (aside from your phone), don’t forget to pack your camera! This is a great job for dad during your hospital stay, plus it makes them feel useful.

Snacks – Another great job for dad! Fill his bag with plenty of snacks and treats that both of you can enjoy during your stay.

Comfy clothes – Think sweats, t-shirts, hoodies. Comfy clothes for dad is essential for the hospital stay! Along these lines, don’t forget to pack something for sleep.

Slippers – He will also need a pair of slippers for walking around the room and hallways. My husband preferred his Nike slides but whatever your man prefers.

Blanket/Pillow – This is typically provided by the hospital, but you may want to bring your own if he will need extras.

Chargers – Don’t forget phone/iPad/computer/camera chargers! Any chargers for any electronics you end up taking with you. The longer the cable, the better. I cannot tell you how difficult it is to find an available plug in a hospital room.

Socks/Underwear – I mean, come on, does it need to be said?

These were the items that i packed for both pregnan

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